Naish 2015 Clearance Sale – 40% off ALL!

We’re clearing our stocks of all Naish 2015 Park and Torch kites. Contact us now to check on availability.

Kiteworld had this to say about the 2015 Park –

“The Park’s high-performance ability, mixed with the beautiful way that it depowers is fantastic”

and this of the 2015 Torch –

“The Torch is an absolute classic. Punchy, aggressive and very quick to react, the direct connection is still there.”

Grab yours while there’s still time!

Naish Park 2015 clearance sale - kitesurfing Vietnam
The ultimate free-ride kite the Naish Park leads the market for ease of use and performance.
Naish Torch Clearance Vietnam Kitesurfing
The Torch is the ultimate high perfomance c-kite feel on the market. If you’re looking to ride hard you can’t beat the Torch!














Check out the 2015 Naish Park in action:


Check out the 2015 Naish Torch in action: